Aimpoint Express Clinics

Aimpoint Express is a green reading system that has taking the professional tours by storm.

People across the country are asking, "what is this finger thing that all the tour players are starting to do on the greens". It is being called the sign language of the greens and now you can learn the secrets to speaking the language of reading greens.

Megan travels across the country teaching Aimpoint at different courses and she would love to share Aimpoint with you! Please visit website to see if there are any programs in your area. To inquire about upcoming clinics you can contact Megan directly at

Aimpoint Midpoint Lesson

The Midpoint process includes the Aimpoint Chart. This is the most accurate way to find the exact break of the greens. It is the system that is being used at the highest level on the professional tours. This class is only available during a private lesson.


Aimpoint Express Green Reading Works

Aimpoint Express Radio Show Appearance