Rehearse It, Recreate It
Aug 2, 2016

To take your feel around the green to the next level, you must learn to visualize the shot before you execute. Improving your skills of visualization takes practice. This drill is called, ?Rehearse and Recreate.? Start on the putting green in order to master the basic rolling motion and then move back to experiment with various short game shots. When selecting the type of shot to hit around the green think of tossing it with your hand. Rolling the ball would be the easier option than trying to throw the ball up high and make it stop by the hole.

Rehearse It: Take a ball in your trail hand and roll or toss it to the hole depending on the shot you have imagined. Notice the amount that you swing your arm back and through and observe the break on the green. For short game shots, picture the trajectory of the shot and the ratio of how far the ball flies to how much it rolls. As you begin to see the ball react to the surface of the green you will learn to see the shot vividly with your imagination.

Recreate It: Now that you have a picture in your mind use a club to recreate the roll or toss that you just rehearsed. Have an idea of the shot that you would like to hit, commit to it and make it reality.