Square It Up
Aug 2, 2016

The clubface is one of the essential factors that controls where the golf ball will go. It is important to have the face square in relation to the target line. This can be challenging to figure out due to the shape of the golf club. If you look at the image below, when the face is square the leading edge indicated by the red line, then the leading edge is parallel with the stick on the ground. If the club is in the correct position at address the shaft should lean slightly forward as shown in the picture, the shaft is ahead of the white stick. This is the way the club was designed, many golfers confuse the purpose and try to make the shaft look centered (in line with the white stick) causing them to sacrifice the position of the face. Lay down an alignment rod on the ground, if set correctly the butt of the club should lean forward of the belt buckle on all shots.